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Can I Get A Half Halt?

My pony Aziza was a total rock star for Halloween. Er... Actually she was a dragon for Halloween. By rock star I mean that pony was rocking a set of dragon wings and body paint to put a smile on one of my student's faces. But as you can see in this photo, Aziza is ready for a rest. Well, I don't know about you, but so am I.

Yup. I think it's time for a half halt. Think about it. Equestrians use the term "half halt" all the time. I know I spend a good portion of most of my lessons reminding students to use a half halt, especially in the corners. Why? Because we need to balance our horse, settle ourselves, and organize in order to continue on our course.

Uh, does that sound like a real life parallel to anyone else?

Last weekend I had a fantastic schooling day with Vinny on Saturday. I was SO proud of my guy! Then on Sunday my trailer literally lost a wheel while I was driving down the road. The lug studs sheared off and bye bye wheel. My rig is fixed and waiting for me to pick it up, (thanks, Dad!). It could have been a LOT worse. I'm so grateful to my fellow equestrians who helped me keep it together and get Jaxon and I back home. And yes. It would be really easy to wallow in the negativity. But again. It could have been A LOT WORSE!

Worse. Yes. Worse. Like I could have been trying to deal with that mess on the shoulder of the Interstate instead of a small two lane local highway just a few miles from safety.

Worse. Like I could have had Vinny in the trailer instead of Jaxon. Let's just say that Vinny isn't as experienced when it comes to keeping his head and holding it together. Not to mention unloading and reloading in a strange trailer on the side of the road.

And seriously. My dad had that sucker fixed within 24 hours! I am so LUCKY! And I bet if we all took five minutes to consider it, we could think of at least half a dozen things that have been positive even in Pandemic 2020.

I'm so tired of the negativity that's been coming at us for most of this year. Yes. 2020 has really been a terrible year in so very many ways. But we aren't at the end yet. Maybe we've turned a corner. Only because November 3 is finally behind us. But is it? And don't forget the holidays are coming fast.

So, can I get a half halt?

Let's all take a deep breath and try to remember that when we are in the saddle. That moment is all what matters. Focus on the half halt. Balance yourself. Take a look at the course ahead. Organize. And don't forget to sit back and push the ride in front of you.

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