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A Supportive Environment Where the Only Yelling Comes from Excitement

Riding should be fun. Fun for the client. Fun for the horse. And fun for me. I want each lesson to be not only a learning experience, but a time to develop the lifelong relationships that connect our equestrian community and keep us strong.


Training & Lessons

I work with a variety of clients and horses of every description. My goal is to build confidence in the horse and the rider. I'm not successful unless you are. Whether you want to compete or just enjoy your horse, I'm ready to create a training program for you.


Pony Club

A member of Santa Fe Pony Club since 1996, I'm the District Commissioner. I can help you navigate this unique equestrian organization and get the most out of your Pony Club Experience. Contact me today to find out about the latest camps, events, and educational activities for your horse life.

A Full Menu of Equine Services from Head to Tail

Whether you've got more polo ponies than you can exercise or a fuzzy hunt horse that needs to be sleek by the weekend. I've got you covered. My clients are DIY Equestrians. Backyard horsemen looking for services to fill the gaps in their own skill set. It's YOUR horse. You call the shots. I'm here to be a partner in reaching your goals no matter what they are. I even offer farm sitting services if you have to travel and need a responsible adult to keep your critters from partying while you're away. 

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